Dental Implants

Speak and smile more confidently. Our permanent dental implants are performed by our team giving you all natural-looking and fully functional teeth.

Dental implant functions as an artificial tooth root which forms the foundation for a missing tooth replacement.


Implants are fixed directly into the jaw bone (maxilla or mandible).

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Dental Implants

- Permanent solution for missing tooth replacement. - Prevention of bone recession. - Jaw bone retains structural integrity and strength. - Excellent aesthetics – the implant matches the shade of the natural tooth.

Will pain be a factor?

No. Patients will be given local anesthesia which numbs the region of the surgery. Patients are also given analgesic medications to curb any post-surgical pain.

How long will Dental Implants last?

Implants can last a whole life time as long as patients maintain oral hygiene.